Serving the California four-wheeling family since 1959

Cal4wheel was formed in 1959 by some four-wheelers who were getting tired of their trails being closed. Fast forward 50+ years and the battles are the same. The desire to play on public lands is as strong as ever, and more people than ever before have some form of off-road vehicle. Our opponents have also been busy those 50+ years and are just as strong now as they were in 1959.

The bottom line: We need your help. We need your dollars to fight the legal battles. We need your time to help with events, committees and access issues. Dues are only $50, which amounts to a little more than $4 per month for the benefits that we provide.


We have several options available to offer your support to the association.

  • Individual/Family Membership. $50 per year.
  • Individual/Family Life Membership. One-time fee of $750.
  • Associate/Business Membership. Our basic business membership is $60 per year.
  • Associate/Business Sponsorship. $365 per year.
  • Associate/Business Life Membership. One-time fee of $900.
  • Corporate Sponsorship. Starts at $500 per year.


We have several options available to offer your support to the association.

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We organize several annual events throughout California that cater to every four-wheeler, including those who are new to the sport. Some of our events offer discounts to Cal4Wheel members, so be sure to join before you register to enjoy discounted pricing.

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